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Hand Portable
Trailer Mount Hand Portable Cat Track



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Hand Portable Hollow Stem Augering

Moving a drill up and down the steep hills, into the middle of blackberry patch, over guard rails, across small streams, in a basement, or just plain getting through a small fence gateway are just a few of the limited access sites that you need the capabilities of Geologic Drill Explorations.

Our hand portable Acker Soil Mechanic Drill will hollow stem auger to 40 feet in most soil conditions. It uses a portable 140# hammer and is designed with a built in cathead and mast to take standard SPT soil samples for Geotechnical & Environmental borings.

Heaving Sands: The addition of mud to the augers allows us to drill in heaving sand condition when no one else can!


bulletCompact, only 2.5' wide, height is 7.5' min., 10' max.
bulletAbility to auger 40+' in most soils, 2.25" ID
bulletMud Rotary 70'
bulletStandard SPT soil samples for Geotechnical and Environmental borings


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